What if we told you that you create more of what you want by doing less?

It’s time to make it all so much easier.

Not just your health.

All of it.

Your life, your relationships, your parenting, how you nourish yourself body, mind, and soul.

We start by helping you create harmony with your body. No more struggling to have energy, get fit, or just feel good.

Our simple approach to nutrition and lifestyle quickly reduces inflammation, balances blood sugar, and improves digestion. Simplifying your life, reducing stress and enjoy foods you love – that your family will love, too! Yes, even those super picky kids and companions will be thrilled with the changes.

We use a whole foods, plant and animal product based diet. This program was created out of the necessity of getting off the restrictive-diet-rollercoaster to be able to find a way of eating that support optimal health and happiness for adults, pregnant mamas, their kids and their partners.

Can you imagine never having to diet again or having to fight the cravings for what your family is eating while you pick at something “healthy?”

What would it feel like to sit down at the table everyday enjoying the same foods as your family and friends?

That is the freedom that awaits you as your body learns to feel safe and strong, and you get to trust your body again!

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I’m ready to simplify my life and my health!

The Naturally Connected Life 6-Month Program was created for YOU.

This is for you if…

  • You’ve “tried” every diet and nothing seems to help
  • You feel overwhelmed and exhausted, especially about food
  • You’re struggling to create connection with your partner and your kids
  • You feel all alone in your struggle
  • The anxiety about making mistakes is keeping you from living your life

What you will get:

  • Clarity about what’s really important to you and your family
  • Real solutions to creating a body you love, by eating foods you love
  • Confidence to trust your intuition and nourish yourself and your growing family
  • Freedom to slow down, relax, and enjoy your daily routines
  • More joy, more connection, and more ease to handle the challenges of parenthood

How will it happen:

  • Personalized game plan and 1:1 coaching to simplify your life and create room for what you want
  • Easy to follow nutrition program with an online course to help you put all the pieces together
  • Dozens of delicious, kid-friendly (dad-friendly, too) recipes and meal plans
  • Product recommendations and lifestyle guides to ease stress and simplify living.
  • Mindset coaching including workshops in meditation, breathwork, journaling, gratitude, goals setting, etc.
  • A system of accountability to help you create and maintain pleasurable new habits.

I’m ready to simplify my life and my health!